motor grader 785

Model Motor Graders - 785
Cummins 6BTAA5.9 – 150 bhp @ 2200 rpm
Operating Weight Kg 13,200 Kg (Static)
ZF Ergo Power 6WG 160, Fully automatic power shift 6 Forward, 3 Reverse with integrated torque convertor, lock-up clutch and stator freewheel and an Electronic Control Unit
Hydraulic system
Axial, Variable Displacement Pump with Load Independent post compensated valve. Over centre valves on all functions Electro hydraulic, computer controlled, variable speed (on demand) fan drive system, which has auto reversal as a standard feature
Other Features
Moltboard tilt angle 36° Forward
Maximum Speed F: 38 kmph & R: 27 kmph
Cab and Controls
Front Mounted Scarifier, 12’ Moldboard, Fully Enclosed Air-Conditioned Cabin, & Electronic Display Gauge
Joystick boxes slide forward and back for optimal ergonomic position
Hydraulic pilot operated valves
Tiltable and height adjustable steering column from Cobo, Italy. With combination switches
Fully height adjustable seat from Cobo, Italy
An Interactive diagnostic with programmable interlocks to prevents misuse of the machine and improve safety.
Advanced electronic gauge display
Optional attachments & features
Front Dozer
Push block
Hydraulic pilot operated valves
Heavy duty Rear-Ripper-cum-Scarifier
Mid-mounted Scarifier
14 feet Moldboard
Rear view camera
Insta-i Telematics (Trimble, USA) enclosed.

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